I advises corporate and individual investors in the foreign real estate sector. I represent international development groups and their selected projects on the market in Poland, the Czech Republic and the Baltic countries. I am working to present up-to-date and accurate information, professional and reliable advice on foreign real estate.

My goal is to build relationships for life - not a deal. You can count on my support not only before and during the purchase or sale, but also after. I manage my clients' portfolios as well as my own.

I was one of the first people professionally dealing with the real estate market in Poland. I am a graduate of the University of Gdańsk, foreign MBA studies in the field of "Strategic Management" and Postgraduate Studies at the Gdańsk University of Technology in the field of "Real Estate Valuation". I have worked and lived abroad for over 20 years (e.g. China, Taiwan, Singapore, USA, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Russia).

Many of my clients appreciated the benefits of buying foreign real estate and investing in the proposed projects located in the best locations, near the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

I treat each investor with care, take into account all wishes and constantly expand the list of services I provide. I rely solely on long-term relationships and I will make sure that your investment is as comfortable, profitable and safe as possible. I highly value my clients, without whom I would not be able to create such an exclusive offer.

I will be glad to see you among my clients. Specializing in the foreign real estate market, I will open new perspectives for you and give you the opportunity to earn and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of selected places throughout the year.

Oksana Agnieszka Żendarska.


I am glad that international development groups implement public art in their projects and that works of art find their place in the space of apartment buildings.

Contemporary art is my passion. It is part of my life story. As a child, I liked to draw, and I also created albums from ordinary drawing cards, cut out pictures from various magazines and pasted them there. While studying at the University and living abroad in many countries, I attended art history classes. I talked a lot with gallery owners, art critics and artists from around the world who introduced me to this fascinating, immersive world.

I still remember meeting and talking to LEE UFAN - a Korean minimalist painter and sculptor, as well as a scientist, honored by the Japanese government for "contributing to the development of contemporary art in Japan". The man of legend, one of the most important figures in contemporary art, impressed me not only with his works, but also with the style of conversation: modest, delicate and with a smile. Art for me is a special state of mind and soul.

Artistic work of Anish Kapoor - a British sculptor of Indian origin (photo from the private archive of O.A.Żendarska)

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